Thursday, September 16, 2010

Version 2.0 is Live!

Thats right! A+ Student Organizer, the most popular webOS student organizer, is now in version 2.0!!!  Working Smarter, Not Harder just got much easier.  This is a HUGE update which includes TONS of new features.  Version 2.0 has a completely redesigned  user interface, lots of new functionality, and a faster database.  Here are a couple of screenshots from version 2.0:


The truth was that with the database that was originally included with the app, the ability to add new features was limited.  So in this update we have done the tedious work of redesigning the database.  As we did this we also included the built in capability to add a whole slew of new features, so updates and feature requests will be coming very soon.

If you like what you see and want to see more improvements help us spread the word about A+ Student Organizer; follow our new twitter account @APlusStudent, tweet about what you think of the improvements,  follow us on Facebook, leave a review in the app catalog, and most importantly tell your friends.

So if you've already purchased A+ Student Organizer check the app catalog for the awesome update. If you haven't purchased A+ Student Organizer now is a great time to start Working Smarter, Not Harder.

Monday, May 17, 2010

International Availibility

Good News!  The critically acclaimed A+ Student Organizer is now availible internationally!

Now to be clear, A+ Student Organizer has not been translated into any other languages and is still only availible in English.  We will be translating A+ Student Organizer into many other languages but before we do this we are going to be making some changes to the app and how it is layed.  Basically we wanted to delay the translation until the application's design was more set.

So if you live outside the US check the app catalog to purchase your copy today!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update 1.2.1

A+ Student Organizer 1.2.1 will hit the app catalog today! This really is excellent news as this update is the most solid release of A+ Student Organizer to date. It includes a large number of improvements which will really enhance the utility of the app. Here are the big changes:
  • A+ Student Organizer now has dashboard notifications for tasks to help you stay on track with your school work.
  • A counter showing how many outstanding tasks each grade has now appears on the list entry so you can easily see which grades you still need to work, and which you are just waiting to get a grade back from your instructor.
  • The grades and tasks lists have been updated to show more useful information.
  • The overall speed of the app has been increased by adding optimizations that came with WebOS 1.4.
We should also mention that this app fixes a bunch of bugs, most notably the bug which set all the grade definitions to undefined whenever they were changed. We apologize to everyone who was effected by this error. We didn't do enough testing before putting out the last release, and we didn't fix the error as soon as we should have.The last two months have been a little crazy for this developer. Between the birth of a second son and some seasonal illnesses A+ Student Organizer didn't get the attention that I would like to have given it. The good news is that now that things are returning to normal updates and improvements should be coming more quickly and better tested.

Thanks to everyone for their support of this app! We are one step closer to this app being the ultimate tool for students that we want it to be.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update 1.1.0

Well it took a little bit longer than I wanted, but I am proud to announce that just moments ago A+ Student Organizer 1.1.0 became available in the app catalog. This update includes a large number of improvements including:
  • The much requested ability to weight grades based upon assignment type.
  • A redesigned course information screen which now includes a list of grades for that course.
  • More options in setting tasks. The ability to set a custom reminder time for a task, along with more options for relative reminders.
  • Fixes a bug which caused the app to stall when accessing school term information.
  • Fixes a bug where the task list disappeared.
Big thanks to all those who emailed us with problems and suggestions, along with all those who posted questions and feedback over on the precentral forums and on our facebook page. It is your feedback which will make this app great!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PreApptastic Review

Just to let you know, especially those who are still on the fence about purchasing A+ Student Organizer, there is an excellent review over at So if you have a few minutes go take a look!