Monday, December 21, 2009


Today I will be submitting A+ Student Organizer to the app catalog. Here is the description of the app which should appear in the app catalog:

Everyone knows that staying organized as as a student can help you do better in school, and now, just in time for the new year, an app to help you do just that. A+ Student Organizer makes it easy to manage and organize the important details for all of your student life. This app will manage all of the tedious details like keeping track of your grades and calculating your GPA all while housing all of the information you need as a student right at your finger tips. A+ Student Organizer can even add your entire schedule to your calendar in just a few taps.

However, A+ Student Organizer is more than just a app to store your student information, it is an app which is built from the ground up to keep you focused on what you need to do right now. With A+ Student Organizer you can stop worrying about what assignments you have coming up, they are all organized for you in the grades view. And with A+ Student Organizer you can divide and conquer your larger assignments down into smaller steps all while maintaining focus on what you should be doing now in the tasks view.

Even as powerful as A+ Student Organizer is, many improvements are in the pipeline. Dashboard notifications for task reminders, data backup to the cloud, and desktop data entry are all in the works. Purchase A+ Student Organizer today and receive this revolutionary new student planner for your Palm Pre or Pixi.