Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grading Scale

Does anything strike you as odd about the following screenshot?

If you said yes because World Literature is showing 61% and yet it has an A grade while Macro Economics is showing 91% but with a C grade you are right. No, this screenshot is not photoshopped, it is actually a demonstration of one of the ways A+ Student Organizer really stands out from the rest of the pack.

You see, with A+ Student Organizer you can set a grading scale for each class. If an A grade to one instructor means you earn 50% of the points, A+ Student Organizer can handle this. And if another instructor Requires that you earn 100% of the points that are possible to get an A grade, A+ Student Organizer can handle that too.

How do you set this up? Just open up any one of your courses, hit the left arrow go view the grading preferences for this class, and scroll down until you see the Grade Definitions group. You can edit the percentages next to the grades to be whatever you need them to be. You can even have define grades to be a percentage higher than 100% or a decimal like 92.5%.

To show you what I mean, here is the Grade Definitions for the World Literature class from the previous screenshot.

If all the grades you can receive are not showing under the grading details for your course, this just means you need to go to your school term details, and check the box next to the grade you want to include.

This level of customization is what A+ Student Organizer is all about. We want to make keeping track of your grades easy, but still allow you to still have all the flexibility you need. So this semester when you have that loony instructor who has developed the weirdest grading scale you've ever seen you don't have to worry, you've got A+ Student Organizer to help you always know exactly where you stand.